Monday, November 26, 2007

Car Thoughts

The beginning of the holiday season means lots of car time for us. With friends and family spread across Missouri and Illinois, we spend a lot of time driving to visit loved ones. The boys can get bored quickly. Occasionally, the movie and Gameboy marathons get interrupted by imaginative thoughts. Here’s an example of one such episode on our way to Jefferson City for Thanksgiving:

Jack: If I was going to be an animal, I would be a red-eyed tree frog. What would you be daddy?
John: An Eagle.
Luke: I would be a caiman.
Jack: What would you be, Mom?
Me: A bear or a wolf.
Jack: Red-eyed tree frogs can’t be eaten because they are high in the trees and other animals can’t see them.
Luke: What’s that animal that turns colors?
Me: A chameleon.
Luke: Yes, I will be a chameleon.
Jack: You know what I would be?
Luke (in a high-pitched voice): Lukey chameleon turning blue.
Me: What, Jack?
Luke (in a high-pitched voice): Lukey chameleon turning red.
Jack: I would be a Superhero.
Luke (in a high-pitched voice): Lukey chameleon turning orange.
Me: I thought we were picking animals?
Luke (in a high-pitched voice): Lukey chameleon turning pink.
Jack: Oh, yeah. Well, if I was a human I would be a Superhero.
Luke (in a high-pitched voice): Lukey chameleon is awesome.
Me: You are a human.
Luke, to Jack: What are you, insane?


Susan said...


And, my Luke calls himself Lukie, too!!!!

Anonymous said...

Randomness is what makes being around kids so hilarious. I love those moments where you just have to laugh and think to yourself "where the hell did he come up with THAT one??" And then you kick yourself for not getting it on video.

Kathy said...

That is too funny! I love your blog, but it takes forever to load! Not sure why. Anyway, my kids do that too but usually end up fighting and calling each other stupid over something being said! I love how we're driving down Bluegrass Parkway and the kids are asleep and I'm listening to the radio and suddenly one child wakes up and blurts out something completely random! That's kids for you!

Unknown said...

LOL! Were you able to stifle your laughter or did you let it bubble out? :)

Damama T said...

Reading your stuff makes me miss those days! Enjoy the, my friend... they fly by waaaay too fast. Busydad is right, get as much as you can on video AND MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN THE PICTURES! One day your time will have flown by too fast and the boys will have some great memories made greater because you are included.