Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. And to everyone posting about their moms on their blogs today, I just have to say that I’m very sorry but my mom is better than your mom.

Just kidding. But doesn’t everyone think that their mom is the best and that there is none better? So, you can stop reading now if you will be bored by this post, but I am going to write about how wonderful my mom is, and why I am wonderful because of her.

My mom is one of the smartest people I know. She never went to college, but she used her quick mind, aptitude and determination to work her way from assistant librarian when my sister and I were in elementary school to administrative assistant (this may not be the correct title) of a yellow page advertising agency when we were in junior high to executive vice president of that same company when we were in high school to owning and running her own successful business now. I worked for her at that ad agency during my summer breaks and learned more than your average high schooler about the “real world” of careers and work ethics. When I graduated college and was seeking employment, I spoke of her and those summer jobs often during interviews. Just speaking of her gave me confidence and reminded me of what I was striving for. I believe that made me standout from other candidates and helped me get the jobs that I really wanted.

I have many good friends that I’ve made throughout the years, but it’s safe to say, other than John, my mom is my best friend. She’s the one I think of when I have news I want to share or just feel like talking about nothing. When I feel like having a girl night out, that “girl” is her. We’ve gone on vacations together, taking on Las Vegas, Colorado, Lake of the Ozarks and Florida. My senior year of college, it was she that I took with me on Spring Break. We got up early and laid on the beach to watch the sun rise, we went and ate breakfast, we went back to the beach, we went to have lunch, we went back to the beach, we went to have dinner, we hit the bars, we got hit on, and we rarely paid for a drink. Our vacation styles are very similar, and revolve around where and when we are going to eat next.

My mom and I always joke that she and I are the only ones that can tolerate living with the other one, and the only ones that we can tolerate living with. That’s because we really are so much a like, and all the years we were roommates we got along so well. It was emotionally overwhelming for me when I moved away to college, and then got my first job which required a move to Florida. But she was strong and encouraging. When I left home for good, she was the one I asked to walk me down the aisle.

This Mother’s Day is a difficult one for our family. I am celebrating my mother, but she has lost hers. I would give anything to take away her sadness but know that is not possible. So I will do what she would do for me. Just be there for her and love her. And I do love her. I love her more than I can express in this blog, and almost more than my heart can hold.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome that you have such a great relationship with your mom. I love my mom, but have never even thought of taking a vacation with her. She's so busy that I can't even get her to make time for the birthday gift of a mother/daughter pedicure that I got for her in October.

Beautiful post. Your mom should be proud of you...

Anonymous said...

I love you so much and I am so proud of the mother you are.


Kathy said...

I'm with Nicole. I love my mom, but we don't get along well enough for vacations and such together. I'm glad you have that close relationship with your mom.

Unknown said...

Yea for awsome moms. SOund slike you got a great mom adn she gpot a great daughter!!

Happy Moms day!!

MP said...

What an awesome post!!

My mom really misses her mom too..and my dad...he can't wait to see his mom again. (they are 87 and 82)

Kellan said...

Your mother sounds wonderful and it is so nice to hear that you have such a close relationship. I hope you both had a wonderful Mother's Day - see you soon - Kellan

Amy said...

What a nice post! I hope you had a great day!