Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just Missed the Cut-Off

Luke just missed the birthday cut-off for the Rookie T-Ball team. So he is playing with the Mini-Rookies. Let me just say there is a big skill-level difference between four year olds and five year olds when it comes to T-Ball. Or maybe Luke just gets it a little more due to the fact that we practice a lot because Jack has been playing for two years.

This was just warm-up, and Luke came away relatively unscathed and not crying, which is more than I can say for many of his attempts to get the ball during the game:

He eventually just gave up even trying to get the ball, knowing that he would end up on the bottom of a pile of screaming kids all wanting one tiny ball. This is not football, people:

We'll see how long Luke tolerates his own teammates tackling him every time he makes a play. I'm half terrified he'll haul off and whack one of them, and half-terrified he won't.


Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

My kids are both on the same team this year. They have had two practices so far (games are in in June and July) and there are 5 kids EACH AND EVERY TIME the ball is hit dogpiling to get the ball and throw it to first. It is a riot, but makes Brian and me crazy because we want them to SCOOT BACK and play a position instead of playing huddle ball.


Treasia Stepp said...

They are so cute when that little and playing ball. I used to love to watch them at games. They always reminded me of little chickens all chasing one little bug around.

Robin said...

My son spent his time in T-ball catching imaginary balls out in the outfield.

Unknown said...

My husband calls little kid sports of any kind "herding cats"..It is pretty much impossible to have any resemblence of control.

Cute videos!!

Kellan said...

They are so cute, but it is a bit dangerous, isn't it - HA!

Nice to see you - take care - Kellan

MP said...

Drew never liked any kind of Tball..softball or baseball..weird little boy.

I think having an older brother/sister that plays sports is HUGE.. Drew does play soccer and you can tell by wathching who has older brothers.

Anonymous said...

Cute videos!

I both look forward to and dread that phase in my kids' lives.

Kathy said...

Poor thing, but he looks so cute out there! My son spent most of his T-ball outfield days picking grass! Now he's in Coach Pitch and the competition is fierce. I miss T-ball.