Friday, September 19, 2008

Good Thing I'm a Good Guesser

One of our favorite games to play is Pictionary Jr. It is a fun game with relatively easy items for young kids to draw and guess. Each card includes a clue to give the guesser an idea as to what the drawing will be. Clues may be something like "Things You Eat" or "Things In A Kitchen". And the clues are a good thing. Because, when you play with a five year old, the drawings may not be the most comprehensible. The clue of "Things in a Classroom" helped me guess that this:

was a book.

And the clue of "Things in a City" helped me guess that this:

was a sidewalk, and not the more obvious choice that would get the makers of Pictionary Jr. in big trouble.

Oftentimes, the game deteriorates into laughter and chaos. Since Luke can't read, someone that is not a guesser has to tell him the clue and explain what it is if he doesn't know. When Jack is the one telling him, John and I sit at the table with fingers in our ears making lalala noises. Our boys have yet to master the art of the whisper. And Jack usually forgets what color he's landed on when trying to figure out which item on a card he is to be drawing. He asks, "What color is it again," to which, by the end of the game, we answer "Just pick any color. We don't care."

Jack gets distracted, watching Luke draw and listening to my guesses, which is why I guessed book with the drawing above before he guessed book with this drawing:

And for the clue "Starts with N" Jack kept yelling "Navigator". How would you even draw that?

Luke tends to go into too much detail. For axe, he'll draw a man, and then a tree, and then an axe. I say to him, "Why don't you start with the axe, and then draw more details to help me? Start drawing the thing I'm supposed to guess first." I thought he got it. So, his next turn, he drew this:

First he drew a balloon. Then he drew a person. Then he started on the cake. The clue was "Things You Eat." The answer was birthday cake. We did not win.


Unknown said...

Tht second picture had me wondering exactly what game you were playing -- thanks for the clarification :)
I need to get that game -- I LOVE pictionary so I can only imagine the fun with pictionary jr.!!

Beth Cotell said...

I love this post! I should get this game. I think my kids would love might drive ME crazy but they would love it!

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Yup. Looks exacty like a book! My Grant would melt into a pile of molten lava in this game. If he can't do things perfectly, he collapses.


Kathy said...

Aurea would have a hard time with this, but Adam would love it. I have no artisitc abilities, I leave those to my son! LOL

Damama T said...

WHAT FUN! I was definitely with UTMom on that one picture... ?!?!? LOL!

Unknown said...

haha i'm glad you liked it. Miss you guys!

Loth said...

Great fun! Now that our boys are older and can read, we play picture consequences with them. Get a long-ish piece of paper each, write at the top a description of what the next person is to draw - anything from "dog" to "National Philharmonic Orchestra". The paper is then folded over, everyone passes to their neighbour who looks at what's written and draws it. Fold over paper, pass on again, open up just as far as the drawing, and write down what you think the drawing is. Fold over, pass to next person and repeat until you run out of room. Then open them all up and read. Always amusing, frequently hysterical and the good thing is, the worse you are at drawing, the better the game! You wouldn't believe the evolution of some things!

Shan Nan said...

That's hilarious!