Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Poor Coccyx

This is your coccyx:

Many of you may know this under the more common name of tail bone. And anyone that has fallen on their tail bone knows what a painful little booger it can be.

I am almost over my coccyx injury which occurred while teaching Jack to roller skate. To all parents on roller skates who are holding a child's hand while they are roller skating and continue to fall and fall and fall: It is almost impossible for them not to knock your skates out from under you when they fall. And when you fall, be sure that, at all costs, you do not land your coccyx on their upturned skate.

Jack wants to get back to the roller rink and practice some more. He said that skating was one of the best days of his life. Except for the fact that he almost broke my butt. He is very sorry about that. I told him he did break it. He cracked it right down the middle. He hasn't yet caught on to my joke. He does, however, love the little inflatable donut that I get to sit on until I'm better.

So tell me - Have you ever hurt your coccyx?


Anonymous said...

that's too funny! cracked it right down the middle. ba-dum-ching!

Biddy said...

6 years ago i fell down the concrete stairs of my dorm and broke my tailbone. 6 years later, it's still broken, still gives me hell, and i still love telling people my coccyx hurts ;-)

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

My mom did as a teenager.She said it hurt for MONTHS. Just to warn you. Plus, Ask Holly at June Cleaver Nirvana. Hers is still aching months later.


3boys247 said...

I loved the joke. Don't worry, they catch on to these things sooner that you think.

Oh, I am so sorry. Sorry you hurt your hiney.

Skating is a real pain in the _ _ _ .

I am sorry. I am done now I promise.

I hope it feels better soon. Did someone kiss it for you? No really, I'm done.

I have never hurt mine but can imagine it hurts very badly. Hope it gets better soon.

Unknown said...

I so feel your pain!! i broke mine when I was 12. I was bucked of a horse. Mine actually totally broke and then healed backwards. Mine curves out instead of in. I no longer do any sitting on the floor.

PS I hate roller skating!!

Anonymous said...

Yup, bruised it when I was in middle school. Broke my elbow, too. Cast on the elbow, no donut pillow for my tender heiny...and I learned a valuable lesson that day about slippery shoes and my front stairs.

Rachel said...

At the expense of your poor coccyx...this post made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

OH yea..hurts like a mother!

Damama T said...

Ouchie! I agree with 3boys247 about them catching on way too soon. And the funny thing is that they will play dumb because they think YOU don't get it! LOL! Hope you feel better soon.

LOL.. Cracked it down the middle... giggle giggle giggle.