Monday, September 29, 2008

The Scatterbrained Tooth Fairy

What do you do when your son comes out of his room in the morning crying, telling you that the Tooth Fairy fogot to come?

You send him to talk to his father and then high-tail it into his room trying not to wake his brother and stick money in his pillowcase.

Then you tell him that you checked online and the Tooth Fairy sometimes hides the money in pillowcases so it doesn't get lost and he should check again.

Then you breathe a sigh of relief when you see his tears dry and the smile on his face as he clutches his two dollars.

But then what do you do when he asks you why she didn't take the tooth?

You spin a tale of the Tooth Fairy's rules, like sometimes she leaves really special ones for you to keep as a souvenir, or maybe she needed two from you so is waiting for the next one to fall out. Then you imprint these lies in your mind for next time, are grateful that your kids like money enough to be that gullible, and hope your kids don't ask you to see the Tooth Fairy's website.


3boys247 said...

Sometimes the tooth fairy can't come if it is too windy or rainy/snowy. It may have been her night off.

Good thinking on your part.

Unknown said...

The tooth fairy at our house has gotten so bad that the older kids now lie for the tooth fairy and even sometimes do the tooth fairies job. Yup pretty sad when they just give me the "nice mom, you forgot again" look.

OhCaptain said...

Tooth fairy missed our house once. Seems Dad did a really good locking up the house the night before he even locked the special door for the legendary creatures. I sent the tooth fairy a text message and apologized. All was better the next night.

PS. I don't recommend sending a text...the tooth fairy is out of network and extra charges do apply.

Beth Cotell said...

Sounds like you did some quick thinking...although...I would seriously start checking to see if there is anything that might remotely resemble the Tooth Fairy's website because if your son is anything like mine, he has a great memory and right when you think you are homefree...he will remember it!

Kellan said...

Oh, this happened to my little Alexis last week too - that daggone Tooth Fairy skipped our house AGAIN. You are smarter than me and I've been doing this Tooth Fairy thing for many, many years. I always just tell them, "Sorry, Hom - she'll come tomorrow night."

Cute story - Kellan

Robin said...

Wait til he goes to school and compares how much the tooth fairy leaves at other houses.

"The tooth fairy pays premium for boys that brush well." -- No that probably won't work.

Anonymous said...

funny. no way could i have come up with something that quickly.

Damama T said...

Ahhh, but she DOES have a site:

Tooth Fairy Land

Bookmark it for future butt-saving reference. ;o)