Monday, October 13, 2008

A Country Boy at Heart

Although we have a relatively big yard, this is just something that probably wouldn't be possible in the city:

Usually timid when it comes to fast moving things meant to ride in, Luke was like Speed Racer on the 4-wheeler. Driving it was something he did without help, and did better than his older brother, so that's all it took for him to find his calling.

"I was going 40 hundred miles an hour," he said.

"And that didn't rip your face off?" I asked him.


I sure hope he doesn't ask Santa for a 4-wheeler.


Damama T said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that ending giggle and that "This is awwwwesome!" Santa better start saving his pennies!

Loth said...

We live in the city with a small garden and at the top of a steep hill which is also one of the busiest routes in and out of Edinburgh. So I can safely show this to my boys, right?

Monica said...

We live in the burbs and there is absolutly no where to ride these or dirt bikes. My 14 year old son is BEGGING for a dirt bike. I would love to get him one. But where to ride?

Your son has a great mind, love those comments and responses.

T-ricia said...

HAHA, you think your gonna get out of that one?!?! Good luck ;0)

Anonymous said...
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