Thursday, November 20, 2008

Maybe He Could Learn to Clean It, Too

We had the first hint of frost on the grass early in the morning. I watched our puppy traipse across the lawn like a ballerina, never allowing one paw to linger too long on the icy ground. He is a northern breed, but he has never experienced snow or frost.

My kids watched happily as Indy did his little foot dance while trying to take care of his business. "What will he do this winter?" I wondered aloud. "I guess his little feet will just have to get used to it."

"We can teach him to use the potty," Jack said, which of course got fits of laughter from his brother Luke and immediately became the best idea ever.

That's just what I need. One more boy dripping pee all over the toilet.


OhCaptain said...

Welcome to winter! We've been here for a while. One item on my to do list for the weekend...make sure snow blower is in working order.


Biddy said...

haha that would be an interesting sight!

you should get him some snow boots :-)

Beth Cotell said...

Ha! This post made me laugh out loud!

♥ Becky ♥ said...

Oh girl I totally hear you. I went to go to the bathroom in my room last night, you know the master bath which is in "my" room and before I sat down I noticed pee on the seat....UGH this is what my boy has his own bathroom for. I called for him to come in and clean it up NOW so I could use it. :-)

If it gets to be to bad this winter for the puppy try those pet pads for inside. :-)

Unknown said...

If you get him to clean it let us all know! I could use the help in getting my boys to clean their toilet :)

Damama T said...

ROFL!! OMG! The visual that one evoked!

You could always but Indy some of these boots: (sorry - to tired to make a link for ya!),99901_Ruff-Wear-Dog-Bark-n-Boots.html?cm_mmc=PaidPlacement-_-Shopzilla-_-WBIZ8-_-Ruff_Wear_Dog_Bark-n-Boots


Anonymous said...

Aww poor Indy - well it could be worse, it could be snakes!

I'd go with the boots - I went to a dog show one wet muddy day and couldn't believe the lengths breeders went to to stop their dogs getting cold/wet/dirty!

I hopped over from.....was it Mom needs another beer???

Loth said...

Photos. We want photos of Indy being potty trained.

Monica said...

If you get him to actually do it, sell the method you would totally clean up!

I do know someone who trained his cat to use the toliet. That is until the first time it fell in. No more toliet training.