Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shiny Clean Dance

What would you do if you were an avid Rock Band aficionado, used to jamming out to the likes of Wheezer, The Killers, The Ramones, and Cheap Trick, but forced to perform in a kindergarten music program and sing the Shiny Clean Dance in front of a crowd of Ooohers and Aaahers?

Well, if you were Luke, you'd plaster on a look of contemptuous tolerance and rock out.


Loth said...

Cool dude!

Karla and Ben said...

That's awesome!

Jillian said...

Ohhh, I love that you captured this. Boys rock this is for sure! Great to find your site.



peepaw/peeps said...

So young and so cool! All that family rock around the clock has paid off. Keep on rocking Sir Wildington!
Great post, thanks for sharing.

tracey.becker1@gmail.com said...

THAT is hysterical!

Momma Roar said...

Too cute!!

Just stopping by to say your plan for this weekend is a great one! I'm in and will post!! :-)

Lindsay Lebresco (Graco) said...

Love it!! My 4 yo old son recently told his class & teacher (during music appreciation week) that his favorite song was "Sex on Fire" - that didn't go over too well (but we were secretly proud of our little rocker!)