Friday, June 26, 2009

My Vacation Lessons

Vacation advice for those getting ready for summer trips to beach areas:

Stay hydrated and eat lots of fruit. This helps in the 90 degree heat and non-stop playing in the ocean and on the beach. I recommend Baileys Banana Coladas - fruit, liquid, and ice!

Bailey's Banana Colada Recipe

Banana Liqueur
Dark Rum
Bailey's Irish Cream
1 oz Banana
Pina Colada Mix
Put the banana and banana liqueur into a blender until it becomes a thick paste. Add Bailey's to taste; pina colada mix and rum to taste as well. Blend well, add ice, and blend again until smooth.

If you go on vacation with lots of kids, make sure a few of those kids are teens willing to babysit one night so you can get a break and go out with the 21 and up group. Here's the babysitters and babysittees with Grandma Sue.

If you want fresh seafood, go to a reputable fish market. Don't try to get a bargain by paying $2.00 to catch a lobster from a child's nightmare version of the Crane Game.

Yes, we were at a bar and had been drinking if you can't tell from our yelling, giggling and over excitement at trying to catch a lobster with a giant claw. The famous Florabama. We went to the Florabama after leaving a bar with "entertainment." We asked the waitress if the "entertainment" was Karaoke night. She looked at us a little funny and replied, "No, that's enter singer's name here." I have video of the singer, who read the words to songs from his computer screen and kept bringing an endless supply of people from the small crowd, including his brother, up to help him sing. Come to mention it, the supply was endless. Including our group of 6 there were only about 12 people at the bar. We were driven away to the Florabama. So my advice is, make sure the entertainment is entertaining in a "Man that guy can sing" way and not a "This is great material for my blog" way. I will not post the video as that just feels wrong somehow.

When you're on vacation, remember to have fun but don't fall back into your old wild ways of smoking and drinking.


Christy-TX said...

I've been reading for awhile, this is my first comment. I'm from TX, was on vacation in Gulf Shores, AL last week and went to the Florabama...we loved it!

coreymom40 said...

White sand, knew you had to be in the gulf. We just got back from Destin yesterday....loads of fun.

We didn't have karioke, but we had what I thought was a super drunk dude on a table, until I realized it was part of the show at the restuarant we were at. Joke was on me.

Loth said...

Wow. About to leave to go on holiday and am feeling the pressure now to try and live up to your example. I am sure the Bailey's Banana Coladas will help!

peepaw/peeps said...


Great advise. I am glad everyone had a fun time. We probably do not want The Wildingtons to see that picture of you although they would probably believe it was an imposter. The Storks are Wild!


Monica said...

Baileys Banana Colada sounds sooo yummy, but heat + alchole + me = disaster!

But I am looking forward to trying it soon.

If we EVER take a vacation I will definately remember your tips list.

Anonymous said...


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Kathy said...

No trips to the beach this summer, but I still appreciate the advice. I especially relate to the staying hydrated. We went to King's Island and it was hot!