Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Who Needs a Radio?

When in a boy's life does everything become a competition? I can't pinpoint the defining age or event that turns brothers into competitors, making every daily chore or monotonous task a fight to the finish. There must be some reason, other than chromosomal tendencies.

What used to just be walking to the car is now a race to get to the car first, usually with one person calling for the race and beginning the race in the same split second and winning due to the head start with the loser crying foul and claiming they won because they touched the right rear taillight first and that was the finish line.

What used to just be getting dressed, taking a bath, eating and any number of daily activities now has a built in element of who can finish first, fastest, best.

Sometimes I can use this to my advantage. When we are in the car and the boys are screaming and my head is pulsing with each increasing decibel, I can pull out the "One, two, three - Hush Puppy!" and the boys immediately become silent in their quest to win the game of who can be quiet the longest.

Their newest competition is over our dog Indy. Who gets to pet him first, who gets to hug him longest, who Indy gets to lay with, who he puts his head on in the car and who gets the butt region are all common points of contention. It makes Indy's head spin.

But can you blame them, when he is so cute and cuddly when he's tired?

When coming home from the park the other day, Indy should have gotten in the car and immediately fallen to sleep. But both the boys wanted his head. Jack began singing quietly and soothingly to Indy. To my pleasure, this went on for several minutes until Luke figured out what was going on. He chimed in with his own song, trying to get Indy to come to his side. What we ended up with was a muddled battle of the bands in the back seat of the car, and one very confused, wide awake dog.


Loth said...

It's the peeing competitions I find hard to deal with. And to referee.

Monica said...

I will have to honestly say I have no idea what makes brothers do what they do as I only have one boy. I do however have 2 girls but they are so far apart in age that there was never any competition between them.

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

I've been trying to capitalize on a little competition, but my kids won't fall for it, "its NOT a race mom. Everyone does their best."

I think I've shot myself in the foot somewhere as far as motivation goes. :)



peepaw/peeps said...

H:WOW! Can you imagine if you placed Meemaw in between those 2 Wildingtons, all three would be singing songs and you would need to place your head down for a rest.I must write there is never really a dull moment with The Wildingtons even when they are asleep they are moving pictrures. Don't You Love Them Madly!Peace

Kathy said...

I only have a boy and a girl so I really don't know about the competition. All I can say is, poor Indy for being so confused and poor you for having to put up with it all.