Monday, October 5, 2009

Goooooo, Tigers!

John has been coaching Jack's baseball team for several seasons now. When he first started and I went to watch the games, the boys looked so cute and tiny, runny willy-nilly around the field with no idea where the ball was headed. Half the time, the boys would be distracted by a bug or the dirt on the field and forget that they were in the middle of a game. Sometimes, they sat right down on their butts in the middle of the field, needing a break.

It's been quite an adventure watching this team, gauging the progression of their skills, seeing their love of the game grow and their discipline for playing grow along with that love. They are still boys, however, and do sometimes still get distracted by something other than the game. At one game, a boy decided he needed to go to the bathroom and started running off the field. It wouldn't have been that big of deal if he hadn't been the batter at the time. Poor guy. I think he struck out just so he could go pee.

The boys love to practice, love to play, and have been gracious, although disappointed, when they've lost. They slowly started winning games here and there, and then this fall baseball season their play came together in succinct harmony:

Even if they never win another game, they've got this first place trophy to admire. But, given the size of that trophy, I think the desire to win will overshadow the distractions on the field.


MamaOtwins+1 said...

Youth baseball is one of my favorite sports to watch. The boys drawing pictures in the dirt as a ball flies past them is hilarious. Congratulations on your team.

Beth Cotell said...

That's AWESOME! If my son ever got a trophy that huge he would play ball until he was an old man!

We are off in 45 minutes to a baseball game!

peepaw/peeps said...


CONGRATULATIONS to John, Jackieboy and to the entire TIGER Baseball Club on Winning the Fall Season League!!! Their Fans also deserve a cheer for their support over the years which include Luke and You. It sure was fun to see them WIN their last game, they played such an excellent game! I admire John and all of the coaches on how they coach and support the boys always there to encourage them. I hope everyone enjoys the trophy and especially the great memories of this season!


Monica said...

Little league baseball is my favorite to watch. I think it is adorable watching those little guys trying so hard to hit, catach and run. My son was always "looking" for something in the dirt.

great memories, at least for me as they will be for you.

Kathy said...

Congratulations! That is something to be proud of. I remember watching my son kicking the dirt in the outfield.