Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vegas, Baby!

On occasion, my work travels take me to a fun city perfect for piggy-backing a family or parents-only vacation. Such an opportunity has come up for a work trip to Vegas to turn into a weekend vacation for John and me (with a couple of our good friends coming along as well).

With the details still very sketchy and the trip itself up in the air, the boys heard John and me talking about it. They were VERY upset. They reported that they have ALWAYS wanted to go to Vegas.

How do you explain that a place with moving and talking statues, erupting volcanoes, pirate ship battles, roller coasters, circuses, tigers, dancing fountains, water parks, and on and on is not a place for children?

Luke crumpled when I told him sometimes parents need a kid-free vacation. He cried and cried that he was in bad need of a vacation. "How many days are in a year?" he asked. I answered 365 days. Through his tears, he espoused the unfairness of getting only one vacation a year when there are so many days in a year.

Reminding him that he gets the ENTIRE summer off, that we spend at least one week a year either in Florida or Colorado with other one to two day mini-trips in between, and that his life is pretty much one giant vacation did not help calm him down. Rather, he began packing his suit case to run away to a family that would take him to Vegas.

To Luke, it's not a vacation unless air travel is involved.


Monica said...

I hope that you end up going, I am all about a little hubby time alone!

I have been to Vegas just once and saw that a lot of people brought their kids. I agree that this is one place a child should not be even though Vegas is trying to be "family friendly". There were men flipping papers (and they were all over th ground) advertising for "girly" shows. Not something I wanted my children to see.

But for adults it is definatly a playground.

Kathy said...

Wow! My daughter has never been more than a four-hour drive away so I really can't relate. I could certainly use a childfree vacation though!

Loth said...

I know whereof you speak! Husband and I are off to Prague for a few days at the end of March and the boys are furious at being left out. Even more so when they discovered that they will be in school while we are gone!

OhCaptain said...

Vegas rocks. I've been there several times, heck we honeymooned there. Yeah, Vegas is no place for kids. I always wonder about the ones I see there. Remind them that in all actuality, they won't be able to do much outside the hotel room. Vegas is cool this time of year so many of the pools are closed (I think...worth a shot)

Have fun!

Unknown said...

if i move to st. louis...i'm gonna take your children to Vegas!

Unplanned Cooking said...

I am so excited for you! My husband & I haven't taken an adult only trip since our kids were born (we don't really have anybody to leave them with) but would love to line one up for this summer. Have a GREAT time!