Thursday, March 6, 2008

Top 10 List

Here is my Top 10 List of Things I Overhear From Another Room in the House That Make Me Go Running Into the Room From Which I Hear Them:

10. “This will work, but we can’t tell mom.”

9. “Do you think this is waterproof?”

8. Giggle, giggle. “Luke, put your clothes back on.”

7. “Come over here and help me move this furniture.”

6. “I wonder how hard we would have to throw this for it to break.”


4. “We better put a bunch of pillows up or this is going to hurt.”

3. “Trust me. I’ll catch you.”

2. A crash and then wailing.

1. Complete silence.

And when you hear all of these things in one day, you know it’s time for a vacation. Without the kids. See you all Tuesday!


Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Great list! Love it. Have a great time. Where are you going and can't wait to hear all about it.


Susan said...

HOW did you manage this vacation? Who is sitting for you? In my wildest dreams we'd be doing something like this soon.

Unknown said...

Love the waterproof one!! That is too funny. Thanks for the laugh:)


katydidnot said...

oooohh...silence is the scariest.

once i found my kids outside trying to...i'm not kidding...catch a raccoon.

Unknown said...

LOL! I actually read your list aloud to my hubby because he wanted to know why I was choking. He had a good laugh, too, and when I explained that you have two sons and a husband and that your boys could be quite creative, he said, "You know, it takes two boys to be creative. One boy just doesn't get into that much trouble."

Karla and Ben said...

Tell us again why you are taking the biggest and most problematic boy if you want to relax.
ENJOY, ben

Damama T said...

Can't wait for pics and a full report. We'll keep the lights on while you're gone. Be safe and hurry home. xoxoxo

Loth said...

In my house I would have to add "Okay, you get the cat...."

I agree though that the silence is the scariest. My kids look at me like I am nuts when I burst into their bedroom to confront their blatant and uncontrolled reading.

MP said...

I think the silence is the most scary..

Mrs. G. said...

Have fun!

Amy said...

Oh yes! Run when you hear it (or don't hear it).

Texasholly said...

#4 is a favorite around here too...and the dreaded, yet pleasant complete silence that lasts only until the crash followed by wailing.

Fun list! Have a fun vacation.

RamblingMother said...


Kathy said...

I know those sounds well! The sound of silence when more than one child home is the scariest of all! Where are you going on vacation? I'm jealous, have fun!