Monday, March 17, 2008


Some people that look at the world in a “glass is half empty” light would think that the last week of my life was the universe making things even for the incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating trip that I had to Fort Lauderdale. I would like to look at the world in a “glass is half full” light, so would like to think that the universe knew what it had in store for me (which really wasn’t all that bad in the grand scheme of things) so gave me that trip to Florida to get me all nice and relaxed and prepped to handle a stressful follow-up trip followed by an illness followed by another trip (which I may need to cancel due to said illness) rather than have me teetering on the edge of going postal when it all piled up on me.

My Motrin has graciously kicked in, lowering my fever enough to allow me to finally post on my blog, which I have missed doing. I wanted to let everyone know that my husband and I had a wonderful trip to Fort Lauderdale. We had no travel delays, no reservation hiccups, relatively no arguments or disagreements, wonderful weather, great food, we never got lost, and all in all the best 4-day vacation we could have hoped for.

We got upgraded to a suite (one of the perks of frequent business travel) and it was almost too hard to leave our room. Here was the view from one of our balconies:

Fort Lauderdale's Intercoastal Waterway and downtown

And here was the view from the other balcony:

The weather was a little too cold and windy for swimming, so we did a lot of walking, wandering, exploring, and eating. There was an art fair (I love art fairs!) and John agreed to go if I went on the Cyclone roller coaster at Hollywood Beach with him. Which I did. And I didn't puke.

We took a water taxi one night and toured around the Intercoastal waterway. The houses were amazing, which I knew they would be, but the yachts and sailboats really took me by surprise. Some of them were worth over 20 million dollars, and cost over $250,000 just to fuel for the week. Tommy Lee Jones has one docked there that you can charter for the low, low price of $120,000 per week.

We drove to the Keys to snorkel, but a cold front had moved in and all the snorkel excursions were canceled due to low visibility. So, we rented a kayak, rowed around and snorkeled a little off the beach. We bar hopped sampling drinks and food. Fair warning to those of you that will meet me when Bossy comes to St. Louis, here’s what happens to me after one drink:

I said something that made me laugh so hard I cried, and John could only respond with, “Want me to drive for awhile?”


Loth said...

TWO balconies?? You are indeed very important and impressive. And I loved your video, particularly your hat. I have been looking for a hat like that for ages - a hat that doesn't make me look like I am either trying to be a teenager or heading out for the early bird special before my whist drive!

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

The Jefferson's theme song is in my head - I'm MOVING ON UP TO THE EAST SIDE. TO A DELUXE APARTMENT ... IN THE SKYYYY!!

You crack me up Heather. Looks like super fun.

When does Bossy come to St. Louis? I couldn't tell from scouring all her road trip posts. I would consider popping down for the night.


RamblingMother said...

Hee Hee

MP said...

Nice view!

Cute hat!! I'm thinking that for the bossy visit we're going to have to watch you and the chocolate martini's :-)

Karla and Ben said...

Do you remember playing the 'cyclone' pinball machine at the laundromat? Laundry day always cost a lot. Glad John got to ride it. Now I want to. b
p.s. I have even tried to find that pinball machine on ebay.

Kellan said...

What a beautiful view - WOW. Sorry the weather was nippy for swimming, but it looks like a good time.

So nice to see you - take care - Kellan

Valarie said...

Sounds like a great vacation! At least there is still a lot to do in Florida, even if the weather is "cold."

Kathy said...

Sorry it was too cold to swim. Sounds like you had a lot of fun though. Glad it worked out for you!

Liz said...

Gorgeous view! I was in Miami/Key West earlier this month. Stupid cold front.

Unknown said...

So fun!!!! Sounds like a good trip. It is funny to actually hear your voice!!!


Bri said...

You will be in good company, then. I think the last time I had a drink with friends, I was rapidly reduced to shouting "Stop looking at me!" Yeah, like a 3 year old. ;) lol

McMommy said...

A visit to Florida! You should have dropped in for a drink with us! Although...from the views you had at your hotel...maybe we should have dropped in for a drink on your balconies!

Damama T said...

You never cease to impress! I love that you are able to look on all the cool stuff as a prep for the bad stuff to come.

Loved the video, too. That laugh is infectious.

Keep up the positive attitude. There aren't nearly enough of us Pollyannas running around anymore! ;o)