Friday, July 4, 2008

Has it Been 10 Years?

John and I met for the first time when we were freshmen in college. We didn't really think much of each other one way or the other. Later, we met again under non-ideal circumstances (I was dating someone that was helping to get people kicked out of John's fraternity) and we hated were less than fond of each other. In Soap Opera terms, that rocky start guaranteed that we would fall in love and live happily ever after.

John told me once that he sometimes wishes he did not attend Missouri S & T (formerly UMR). And I said to him, "But then we would never have met." And he said, "It wouldn't have mattered. I would have found you." And that's how I feel. That we were meant to be together and will always be.

Not that we don't have our moments. We've had fights and silence and doubts and anger. But we are human, and our love gets us through those times. We are smart enough and committed enough to know that love takes work and needs reinforcement.

Our personalities complement each other. I am overly obsessive efficient and organized, he goes with the flow. I worry about tiny details, he is laid back and keeps me level. He laughs at my jokes; I act silly with him. He tastes food that I ask him to, and is surprised that he likes it even though I knew he would (like french fries with chocolate shakes). I let him talk me into doing things I normally wouldn't, like riding the roller coaster at the New York Hotel in Vegas. We challenge each other and keep our minds sharp. We agree on important topics such as politics, religion, and raising kids. But that doesn't stop us from debating. We are happy when we have a night without the kids to go to a movie or dinner, or to sit at home on the couch eating takeout and watching T.V. We enjoy each other's company, and never get bored talking.

Has it been 10 years? In some ways it feels like we've known each other our whole lives. In other ways, it feels like a blink in time and we've just gotten started. Tonight we will celebrate our anniversary at the Rapids Lodge Restaurant. We've celebrated a few of our anniversaries at this restaurant, and every year I give thanks for my luck, my life, my love. This year will be no different.


OhCaptain said...

What a great story! Happy Anniversary!

Damama T said...

Happy anniversary! You are a very well grounded couple with a long and happy life ahead.

Fries and Chocolate shakes.
Hubby and you didn't get along at first.
Two sons.
My, we have a lot in common.


Anonymous said...

My husband I and I lived in Fulton at the same time during college yet never met..even though we had mutual friends. We weren't designed to meet yet..he would have never had his son...and that would have been a very bad thing.. Happy Anniversary!

Monica said...

Congradulations on the 10 years!

My husband and I met and married within 6 months, everyone said we would not make it!

We just celebrater our 17th!

Great story.

I can't find my blog said...

We're 10 1/2.

Love the story and although ours would be different in the details it would be same in the love.

Congrats, and here's to 10 more, or more!

(btw, found you through Alltop.)

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Great summary, Heather. Congratulations to you and John. For me, sitting on that beach listening to the steel drum watching the preacher with Rum on his breath showing up 45 minutes late at that resort in St. Thomas feels like a lifetime ago. Yet, so memorable.