Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Not the Target Demographic

John and I went to see Tropic Thunder. It was crude and cringe-inducing and disgusting at times and hilarious and just my type of movie.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the target demographic for the movie. But I am a marketer's dream compared to the two elderly women that were in the theater. John and I saw these women walk in and couldn't believe they were in the right theater. The young one was at least 75 years old. Did they think this was a real movie about the Vietnam war? They were in for an extremely rude awakening.

The movie gets started by showing fake commercials and fake movie trailers to introduce you to the characters in the movie. Booty Sweat anyone? Jack Black's character is shown in a trailer for his movie The Fatties Fart 2. Jack Black's character plays a family of fat people that sit around and do nothing but eat and fart. Obviously a joke. Well, maybe not so obvious. After the fake trailer was over and in the silence before the next fake trailer cued up, one of the elderly ladies said, "Who in their right mind would pay money to see that?"

Everyone within ear shot lost it. Her statement confirmed that she was indeed in the wrong place. I kept waiting for them to leave, but they never did. I wanted to follow them out after the movie was over to hear what they thought of it, but I couldn't leave during the credits because seeing Tom Cruise dressed as he was and dancing was too funny to miss.

In answer to her question about who would pay money to see that, I wonder if she ever realized that she would and she did.


Ash said...

I so want to see this movie!! Glad to see you have good taste as well.

$10 that lady thinks Robert Downey Jr. is a fine African American actor.


Robin said...

My mom is 78 and she would go see this movie -- and make that comment. She just doesn't want to miss anything.

Anonymous said...

I really feel sorry for people of that generation and older that don't have movies to see anymore. It's like there is horror...kids..chick flicks and sexy drama...w/ a few action and a few raunchy movies thrown in. There are only a couple GREAT movies a year. You know what I mean?

I SO want to see that movie..so does hubby.

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Too funny.

Love eudae-mamia's comment, too.

We have date night approaching. Maybe we will give this one a shot. Sounds right up Brian's laugh-out-loud-at-blatant-crude-humor alley.