Wednesday, October 1, 2008

An Opportunity for Teaching

John has been helping out with the upcoming election, canvassing neighborhoods in St. Louis and registering people to vote.

The boys and I picked up pizza on the way home the other night and I told them that daddy would not be eating dinner with us. I explained to them that he was helping people register to vote.

"What's that?" they asked.

I told them that we would soon vote for a new President of our country and in order to be allowed to vote you had to sign up so that everyone that voted got counted and the voting was fair.

"Oh yeah," said Luke. "Barack Obama and McCain."

I was very impressed with my 5-year old's knowledge of the presidential candidates.

"How do you know that?" I asked him.

"We talk about it at school. Almost everyone in my class is voting for Obama, but some are going with McCain." As if they really get to vote. As if they understand exactly what the issues are and how each candidate plans to address them. I don't even know that.

The next minute or two consisted of an amusing conversation between Jack and Luke about who was voting for which candidate and why. I asked them, "Do you know who the first President was?"

"George Lincoln," responded Jack.

I told them, "No, it was George Washington. Abraham Lincoln was another very important President."

"I remember him," said Luke. "He was in that National Treasure 2 movie."

My boys' knowledge of our country's current political issues - yes. My boys' knowledge of our country's history - not so much.


Unknown said...

national treasure!!! LOL that is pretty funny :) Sounds like somthing my kids would say!! Oh and I love those movies!!!

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Is John brainwashing everyone to vote for Obama, too. I might have to come kick his ass if he is.

just kidding. We love you guys DESPITE your political leanings.


Loth said...

They are learning about the importance of voting though, which has to be a good thing. We did a mock election for our kids last time - made up a cardboard ballot box and let them post their votes in. Second Born insisted on the cat being allowed to vote too. It was actually quite fun!