Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Winter Exercising

I once had to have an inspection to obtain an occupancy permit for a duplex I was renting.

The inspector walked through my home looking for the 12 or 13 extra people I was hiding in a house that was meant to be occupied by no more than 4. When he was finished he said, "The only violation I found was all the dust on your treadmill."

Hardy har har.

Well, 10 years later my treadmill isn't any less dusty as I am not much of a housekeeper when it comes to dusting humongous objects that are right in front of my face.

I have come up with a new use for that treadmill, and one that will keep me from going on long winter walks in the freezing winter cold in an attempt to wear out the energizer bunny in our house we call Indy.

He is walking at 0.5 miles per hour. We hope to have him up to 7 mph by Thanksgiving.


Loth said...

That's still faster than I run on the dreadmill.

Unknown said...

Anthing to keep from walking them outside in the winter!!

Kellan said...

7mph by Thanksgiving - HA! Cute post!

Take care - Kellan

Shan Nan said...

Hev that is toooooooo funny:)! I love the part when Luke say's to Indee"Come on Honey." Wonder where he heard that?

Damama T said...

I have one of those dustcatchers in my house, too. Had no idea it was a safety hazard! LOL! Love the idea of walking the dog on it. Please be sure to keep us posted on how his training (of the humans in his life to act goofy to try to get him to do stuff) progresses. LOL!