Friday, December 12, 2008


So if you swallow gum, it messes up your system and takes seven years to work its way out, right? An Old Wives' Tale for sure, but one that, once you've heard as a child, you don't soon forget. And even if I never fully bought into that tale once I had kids and was the very paranoid first-time parent, I still knew gum could be a choking hazard. So it was awhile until I let my boys chew gum, until I was sure they wouldn't swallow it and could chew it without choking. Even though Luke usually has enough gum in his mouth so it appears he is chewing on a golf ball while attempting some stunt such as flying from the couch onto a stack of pillows. I am fairly amazed we haven't been forced to Heimlich him.

The boys have become what you could call gum connoisseurs. I contribute this to my sister, Shannon, who they affectionately refer to as Nan. She loves gum, and she keeps them in stock. They won't taste vegetables, but they will try any manner of gum you put in front of them. That's their thing with her. I only ask they don't eat gum for breakfast when they are with her.

So, when it's dinner time and I tell the boys to go spit out their gum, I assume they know what I mean. But recent evidence would suggest otherwise. I find wads of gum on the floor next to the trash can. Or on the wall behind the trash can. Or in the trash can, just not in the trash bag. Or, I find the dog chewing on a piece that he picked up off the ground. Or I find the pieces inevitably stuck to the bottom of shoes. It almost makes me regret teaching them not to swallow their gum. That would be the perfect disposal mechanism.


Unknown said...

To this day I can't swallow gum. The thought of it taking 7 years to digest is just to imprinted on my brain!!

Isn't raising boys fun? :)

Damama T said...

It irritates me to no end when people just spit it out on the sidewalk or parking lot. HELLOOO! This is the South where you can fry eggs on the sidewalk in the summer. That same heat turns gum into rubbery glue that will NEVER completely come out of the carpet. GRRR! LOL!

My boys learned at an early age that not wrapping the gum in a tissue before throwing it away would get them in huge trouble. It took making them pick it off the floor and put it back in their mouth and then properly dispose of it to finally get the message home. Hairy, gritty gum apparently is not pleasant on the tongue! And yes, they survivied it without getting tomaine poisoning. LOL!