Thursday, April 30, 2009


I spent many hours writing poetry when I was little. As I got older, the poems got deeper and darker as I began to deal with more grown-up issues. But in elementary school, my poems were about rainbows and puppies and cute, girly things. And the rhymes were simple, one or two syllable words within the expected vocabulary range.

Jack also likes to write poetry. But, as I found out the other day when he brought home his completed "Poitry" book from school, he has added a whole other level of creativeness to his poetry that I did not have in mine:

It's a surprising likeness, don't you think?


Beth Cotell said...

Great poim but I love the artwork even more!

peepaw/peeps said...

H:I love that Wildington's creativity. Many times when I return home from a long day it is amazing what I will find around the house. Many of Jackieboy's artistic drawings and vocabulary are left for me to discover. They may show up on Meemaw's business cards, a candy wrapper but my favorite is when I receive a message and drawing from my friendinos on the Fischer Price communication device we have used for years. Priceless.

Christy said...

Love that! It really does look like your dog...curly tail and all.