Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Whole Year Braver and Wiser

There wasn't much of a difference between May 19 and May 20. Not much occurred between May 22 and May 23. But sometime in the night during those two spans, my 7 year old turned 8 and my 5 year old turn 6. When they woke up a whole year older, they looked the same. They talked the same. They hadn't grown over night.

But to them, that one night's sleep that allowed them to officially state their ages one whole digit higher than what they had the day before was humongous. They acted a little wiser, a little more mature (at least until the gifts were opened), a little braver.

Jack is legally allowed to ride in a car without a booster seat. He misses the accompanying cup holders and head rest that came with the booster, but would never revert back to a tool of a 7 year old.

Luke got his own Nintendo DS and went for his first sleep over at his cousins' house. He even made it until 8:30 before calling to come home.

Jack braved the Superman Tower of Power at Six Flags.

Luke went off the diving board at the swimming pool for the first time ever. He didn't ride any new rides at Six Flags since the last time we went, but he was an excellent cheerer.

Jack was worried about another kid in the house now owning a DS, but stated after giving it some thought and time, "I was worried that this wouldn't work out, but it is a success."

Luke stated after Jack wanted to sit around the fire listening to John tell stories with his dad and sister, "I've heard all of Dad's stories - they're not that good."

It's hard to believe I have a future third grader and a future first grader. Jack already won't let me kiss him when people are around and often chastises me for embarrassing me. Luke will be starting full-day school and we will see him less and less. But I don't take it personally. I know it is part of growing up. I just make sure that I know their friends, am in their lives as much as they allow me, and that they look out for each other.


Loth said...

Aww, belated happy birthday to both of them. Mine are 11 and 9 now which just seems impossibly old - they spend more time with each other than they do with me now.

peepaw/peeps said...

H:Yes Yes the Wildingtons are another year older, wiser and Wilder! It sure is a Blessing to see them continue to flourish in the world. They sure are full of life and wonder. John and you have 2 unique and wonderful boys! Thanks for the blog and sharing them. Brothers In Arms A Great Picture!
Peace and Love

Unknown said...

i can't believe jack did the tower. Those rides are terrible. What a champ.

Kathy said...

Happy belated birthdays. Sounds like fun. I know, that one day makes a huge difference in their eyes.