Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What a Way to Spend a Birthday

John turned 38 yesterday. So in celebration we went to Florida. OK. Not really. But since we were in Florida anyway, we celebrated.

His day started with breakfast in bed made by his mom and sister Julie and served by his two best buddies.

It then continued with opening packable presents (glow-in-the-dark beach Frisbee), and when I say opening, I mean taking out of the packaging because packing for the trip was enough - I could not actually get his presents wrapped.

The celebration continued with a day spent at the pool and beach, hunting for shells, building sand castles, and body surfing.

Immediately after this face plant, Luke declared, "I'm done."

We then had a birthday party for him in our condo with his whole family (minus his dad who is back in Jeff City - Hi Frank! We miss you!) with great food and more presents. How about that hat? That will protect his shaved head from the sun.

I think we will do the same thing today, without the presents. It is vacation after all.


Unknown said...

that looks like a great b day! tell the ocean i said hello

peepaw/peeps said...

H:Happy Birthday Johnny Boy from all back here in STL! It looks like all are having fun and enjoying the sun. Party on Storks!!!PeacePaul

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! I really need one of those hats -- my shaved head hubbies birthday is next month! Where did you get it?

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday! That looks like fun and I'd much rather have ocean and sunny weather than the rain and tornadoes in Kentucky!

Lisa Jo Rudy said...

wow, what a perfect day. one of those "power of small" happenings he'll remember all his life!