Friday, October 30, 2009

The Dog Ate My Homework

Halloween is our thing. We love dressing up. We love carving pumpkins. We love making our house spooky. We love burying ourselves in a big hole in the yard and jumping out at unsuspecting trick-or-treaters as they approach our door.

Each year we try to come up with cool and unique pumpkin carving ideas. We spend hours looking for the perfect pumpkins to complete our plan. We carve pumpkins like this:

This year, I carved an evil snowman made from three white pumpkins. It took forever to clean out the slimy, stringy white pumpkins. It looked great. Here is what is left of it:

Yes - my dog ate my pumpkin. When I saw him sniffing around the carved pumpkins, I covered them with a tarp. And put folding chairs on the edges. And put a cooler on top. He still managed to get under the tarp and drag out the pumpkins. He even ate the candle.

At least he didn't get these, which have been moved to the safety of the garage and will only get one night of glory:


Unknown said...

What the hell are you doing posting at 5:28 in the morning!? Go to bed girlfriend!

Ok now to my comment :) Can you come over and carve pumpkins with my kids? I HATE it more than words can express. Love your creativity!!

Jen said...

AGH! Wish I could have seen the snowman pumpkins! They would have fit in here, with our actual SNOW! ;) Our pumpkins are rotting on the front porch until tomorrow. They were covered with 18 inches of snow this week and as it all melts and we see the damage, it ain't purty. ;)

Loth said...

If I had put that much effort in and then the dog had eaten my pumpkins I think I'd have been tempted to stuff a candle in the DOG and put him on the front step! I am awestruck by your carving skills and now feel rather amateur in comparison!

Kathy said...

I am impressed, these are amazing! I'm horrible at carving pumpkins. I love Halloween though. My son's birthday is Halloween and he makes the most out of every second. Our tradition is going haunted housing together.