Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Top Ten Fifteen Phrases Used By Me in My MDH

15. Don’t answer the door naked.

14. You have to wear underwear to school.

13. You have to wear clothes when people are over.

12. Please stop flashing the babysitter. (Do you recognize a theme here?)

11. You better stop annoying your brother before he punches you.

10. Take your finger out of your brother's nose (eye, ear, mouth, etc.)

9. Don’t wrestle on the bunk bed!

8. Don’t touch the snake!

7. Stay away from the edge!

6. What's that smell?

5. You can only jump from the fifth step, not the tenth step. (or fifteenth, or twentieth)

4. No, I don’t know where you put it. I’m not in charge of your stuff.

3. Why doesn’t anyone ever listen to me the first time I ask something? (Said in a whiny, frustrated tone of voice that is immediately filtered by my boys’ Selective Hearing)

2. The first one to get hurt has to go into timeout.

And, the number one phrase used by me in my MDH:

1. Who peed on the floor?


Loth said...

Yep, I think I have used all of those! Can I also add:
1. Stop licking your brother
2. Stop licking your brother's sock
3. Stop peeing on your brother
4. Don't dissect it, just eat it(when presented with any food that might, God forbid, contain vegetable matter. I'm surprised they don't have scurvy)

And in answer to your question in your comment on my wee blog, "unkippered" is the wonderful state of coming back from a night out somewhere and NOT being so impregnated with cigarette smoke that your clothes need dry-cleaned twice, your hair smells for days and you suffer nicotine withdrawal and you don't even smoke! The ban on smoking in public places got the thumbs up from me!

Jenny P. said...

so so funny! I don't have a snake, or a bunkbed, but the rest are dead on! I could also add to the list...

1 - it's impossible to bite someone by accident!

2 - How do you know you don't like it if you've never tried it?

3 - You are not allowed to poop outside! (I know disgusting... but it's been tried before!)