Thursday, January 31, 2008

Adult Programming

On the way to school this morning, I tried to get each of my boys to call his grandparents in Jeff City to see if it was snowing yet. I reasoned that if it was snowing in Jeff City already, the big snow storm they were predicting that was due to hit St. Louis would soon be arriving. Neither one would make the call.

I asked Jack, "Do you think Papa knows it's supposed to snow?"

"Yeah. He probably saw it on the news. The only thing grown ups ever get to watch on the tv is news. And football."

I guess he forgot about all the Spongebob I get to watch.


Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

What about Power Rangers? We watch lots of Power Rangers! Did it snow?

Unknown said...

He probably doesn't think you enjoy Spongebob! (Do you? Because I haven't been able to stomach it thus far.)

Karla and Ben said...

ben says: i love spongebob. i still have a 4 foot spongebob pinata i got in mexico seven years ago with karla. do you have the christmas cd? it has 2 or 4 hidden episodes in the bonus menu . worth looking into.

Nicole Brady said...

We're a Spongebob-free family. (whew). Instead, the show of the month is SuperWhy, so that's what they constantly ask for.

And if I change the channel when her TV time is up, I get "Can you record my show?" Wish we had Tivo as a kid.

Thankfully, Miss M knows that we watch Fox News on channel 39, so she always flips the TV to 39 when she's done watching one of hers.

Kathy said...

I get to watch a lot of Hannah Montana!