Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Webster, Take Note

My husband, John, says he knows when I am running out of material for my blog because I pick on him (Thanks for the material, sweetie). I tell him, “Honey, my blog is about living in a male-dominated household (MDH). You are my material." I have been writing this blog since September 2007. I told him that he is lucky he is not the subject more often.

I do read some blogs that seem to be a mechanism to complain about spouses. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Some people need their blogs as that outlet. I am just not one of those people. If I’m unhappy with my husband, I don’t need a blog to vent. He gets my venting, up close and personal. And during those times, he probably wishes I would express myself on my blog. I can hear husbands everywhere uniting in a new mantra, “Go blog yourself.”

Anyway, back on point. John has always been very supportive of and excited about my blog. He gives me ideas for things to write, he reminds me to grab the camera to snap a picture or take a video, he encourages me by telling me how much he enjoyed a post, and he unknowingly provides material by doing or saying something that seems perfectly normal to him but that inspires a post in me.

So, Webster, take note. I have coined a new word (at least I think it’s new – I haven’t heard it before) in my house that I would like to see incorporated into the dictionary. The term is duhsband. Pronounced duhz – bend, it is used to define one’s husband at the exact moment he is saying or doing something so incomprehensible or obvious to everyone but him. You see? It is your husband's "Duh" moment. For example:

When I was writing Loth's Music Meme and was quizzing John on what he thought my five songs would be, knowing full well that he would not get them and not expecting him to, the first thing he said was, “Oh, no. Not My Own Worst Enemy.” Hee hee. So I started giving him hints about the others. I said, “Think wedding.” He said, “Whose wedding?” Duhsband.


Dragonstar said...

At least he listened to your question, that's a good half of the battle!

Loth said...

Drat! I can't believe I missed an opportunity to torture my husband! I should have asked him what he thought my five pieces of music would be and see whether he got them.
To be fair, he would definitely have got the one our kids were born to - he just about curled up in embarassment when I said I wanted to take his CD into the hospital with me and then he had to answer lots of interested questions about it from the anea....aenaes....anasth....guy with the drugs.

Nicole Brady said...

LOL - I vent at DH in person to, not on the blog. My DH is a great support of my blog also. He subscribes to my feed and tells me if I have a typo so I can update it. He forwards it to friends or 'stumbles' it if he thinks it is worthy. He encourages me and gives me ideas, too.

But the other day, he pointed out that I have a new phrase - used very often these days... "Be careful what you say, you may become a blog post." Then he laughed and said "Why don't you just do a post on threatening me with that all the time."

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Funny! I choose not to blog out my frustrations about Brian, too. That is personal between us, not the world. I will however, blog about the duhsband things he does. And the AMAZING things he does.

Unknown said...

i really don't write too much about my husband - i choose to go overboard about my kids instead.

Lucille said...

Ha, ha - love it!

I do blog about hubby - but not only about him. I don't think he cares as he laughs at the posts and supports what I do and asks about various other bloggers. So he does listen!

I love the term and will begin using it and I am writing it in my dictionary NOW!

Kathy said...

Do you watch Comedy Central? Makes me think of Carlos Mencia! Anyway, thanks for the laugh! I'm divorced so I can't pick on a husband, but I can still relate!