Sunday, January 20, 2008

Loth's Music Meme

Loth at The Gym Isn't Working tagged me to do a music meme which involves listing 5 pieces of music that mean something to me and explaining why. I tried to come up with songs that did not involve Disney or Pixar. In no particular order of importance:

1. Ruby Tuesday by the Rolling Stones - I don't even know the lyrics to this song, but my dad and Uncle Harry used to play their guitars and sing this song in perfect harmony. It may not be a happy song, but I always smile when I hear it because it reminds me of when I was little and we would sit around and listen to them play and sing. A very happy memory for me.

2. She's Only Seventeen by Winger ('80s hair band). My sister, my friend Jill (yes, the same Jill of the Happy Birthday, Jill), and I all had our favorite songs that referred to the age of seventeen when we turned seventeen. My sister's was I Like the Nightlife by the Cars, Jill's was Saw Her Standing There by the Beatles, and mine was this song by Winger.

3. Highwayman by Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and others. This song is on my husband's CD, and my boys ask to hear this every time they get in the car. Imagine these lyrics belted out by a 4 and 6 year old:
Perhaps I may become a highwayman again
Or I may simply be a single drop of rain
But I will remain
And I'll be back again, and again and again and again and again.

4. Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot, by the wonderful band that performed at my wedding reception on the beach in St. Thomas, USVI. I wish I remembered the band's name, but that is one of those important pieces of information that has been replaced by millions of other important pieces of information. I never saw my step-dad, Paul, dance and have fun so freely and with such abandon as he did this night and to this song. Oh wait. I got it. The band was R.S.V.P. I wonder what important piece of information I just forgot by recalling the band's name.

5. My Own Worst Enemy by Lit. Whenever I hear this song, I say to my husband, "Your theme song is playing." It fit when we were in college, but doesn't anymore. It's still fun to refer to it as his theme song, though. A sample of the lyrics:
Can we forget about the things I said when I was drunk
I didn't mean to call you that
I can't remember what was said or what you threw at me
Please tell me
Please tell me why
My car is in the front yard
And I'm sleeping with my clothes on
I came in through the window last night
And you're gone
It's no surprise to me I am my own worst enemy

I would like to tag Damama T and Bub and Pie.

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Loth said...

Cool! I know numbers 1 and 4 but not the rest. I am off to iTunes to have a listen.

And you should imagine what it sounded like when my three year old sang along to "My woman from Tokyo" by Deep Purple. Scary.