Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How Cold Was It?

Have you ever swam in cold water? And when I say cold, I don't mean a swimming pool at the beginning of the season. I mean coooollllld, as in the lakes and streams in the mountains that are fed by melting snow. So coooollllld, the water on the skin feels like little tiny knives stabbing over and over (sounds fun, right?).

Our vacation included many attempts to turn ourselves into Popsicles by immersing varying degrees of our bodies into this snow melt water. And by "our" I mean the boys. I wasn't crazy stupid brave enough.

I did have to (yes, it was beyond my control) watch the boys do this:

And this:

When a stone's throw away was this:

But, to get a true idea of how cold the water is, you need only refer to Jack who has a knack for putting things into perspective:


Anonymous said...

Pre-kid, we went rafting on the Kern River north of Los Angeles. The guides 'parked' the rafts in a safe area along the way and welcomed us to hop in. Thank goodness for the required life jacket because when I dove in I about passed out. The water was so cold that it literally took my breath away. Even feeling the water ahead of time was no indication of HOW VERY COLD it really was!

Thanks for the memory jolt. Kids need memories like you're giving them!

Robin said...

The coldest water I ever (almost) swam in was Lake Michigan. It was 102 degrees out and when you waded out ankle deep you were completely cooled off. The boys(Mr. Geek and friend), of course, had to swim out to chest high to prove, well whatever guys have to prove.

The water were you were looks colder.

Anonymous said...

Cold is cold..but it's funny how cold also feels clean..
Love the pictures..sounds awesome.

Tammy said...

Love the video's. Yes boys don't care most of the time if the water is cold.

Elizabeth said...

My Great Aunt used to swim daily in a glacier lake in Maine...Only during the summer, though. BRRRRR.
I have spent ime in the Atlantic Ocean in May...turned BLUE!!!

3boys247 said...

Wow, talk about shrinkage! That was funny.

Valarie said...


Anonymous said...

did he say it broke???

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Ah yes, thank you for giving my boys a reason to ask me to play again and again someone else saying frozen penis.