Monday, July 28, 2008

I Don't Think It's Legally Binding But....

....we have a new contract in our house. It goes something like this:

1. We will love him like crazy.

2. We will always be gentle with him.

3. We will play with him unless he's tired and doesn't want to play. Then we will leave him alone.

4. We will not try to carry him non-stop. We will let his legs do some of the work.

5. We will help with the tasks of feeding him, walking him, and bathing him.

6. We will clean up the yard after him*. (* An age clause has been added here at the request of Jack, and this requirement does not kick in for several years).

7. We will take turns playing with him and will not fight over him.

But how could you not fight over this little guy?

Say Hello to Indiana Chewbacca Stork (Indy for short). Guess who named him. And guess who's now outnumbered four to one. Until he reaches adult-hood, I get control of his vote in our democratic household.


Loth said...

Oh wow. My two boys often ask what your two boys have been up to. If I show them those pictures, they'll be on the next flight over. That would be ok, right?

Anonymous said...

Sooooo Cute!


sonrie said...

He is too cute! Will he get bigger?

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

I knew it wouldn't be long before you got another dog. What kind is it?

Gavin has a webkinz named "Chewey Roger O'Neill - but we'll call him Spike." ummm okay.....


Susan said...

Oh, he's so cute! Fun, fun, fun!!!

Robin said...

He is adorable! I am so glad my boys do not read your blog, they would be so very jealous.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Lord, if my boys saw him, we'd be on our way to the Humane Society right now. ; ) It's just a matter of time, but I get final say and I say we're getting a girl dog. LOL! What a cutie!

Still Patrice said...

awww look at how cute

Monica said...

He is way too cute!

Just a warning, we had the same agreement in our home when we got our puppies. It is three years later and I am the walker, the feeder, the poop scooper.

But you have to love them though!

ambergail77 said...

He is cute, but I do not want to be in charge of another kid- so the rule at my female dominated household is no pets, not even fish until you are all responsible enough to pick up your own dirty underwear off the floor. I must say at this rate, my husband will never have a dog.

Anonymous said...

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Beth Cotell said...

What an adorable dog!!

My kids are always asking for a dog but I haven't given in yet.

This one might be too cute to resist though!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful babydoll...but Indy looks like he can get BIG..but I guess big is good w/ the boys.

louann said...

Sounds great!

He looks sooo cute =) I'm sure your boys will love him very much!