Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We Didn't Get A White Christmas

...but our dog didn't seem to mind.

If we could disconnect the music, we'd have ourselves the best dog sitter ever.


Unknown said...

That is too funny -- leave that decoration out all year long!

OhCaptain said...


We had an extremely white Christmas. Would love to have shared the extra snow with you...

Of course, most of melted this past weekend.

Happy Holidays!

pattiangel said...

Hey Heather,

Loved the video. He's some puppy and from the meeting with Henry I know he has a great left paw. Henry wouldn't back down though. Yesterday he tried to take on a dog twice his size named Becky. His owner wasn't that impressed, so I moved Henry across the street and had to hold him back all the way home. He has the short man "thing".

Damama T said...

You'd not only have the best dog, you'd have the best dog with the cleanest mouth! LOL!

Where'd you find that Santa bubble blower! Never saw one. Love it!