Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter Sportsmanship

The winter walls are closing in and it is only mid-January. Boy energy fills our house, threatening to blow out the walls and take out anyone unfortunate enough to be walking by at the time. We need an activity that does not require us to brave the cold. We need something new that will hold our boys’ attention for more than five minutes. For the sake of the adults’ sanity, we need an activity that does not contain the word “chase” anywhere in the title or description.

My husband makes the back half of our lower level family room a two-square court, our indoor, modified version of four-square. It is an instant hit with the boys. I marvel at their skill and coordination. I am not so quick to catch on, even to this very easy version of four-square, reaffirming Jack’s belief that I am Not So Good at Sports.

As a tiny, uncoordinated child, I was always picked last for games like dodge ball and Red Rover. Could I really blame them? No. It never hurt my feelings. I knew I was tiny and uncoordinated. As an adult, I am not tiny and uncoordinated. I am sore and uncoordinated with slow reflexes. So I understand when the boys begrudgingly take turns being on my team. Luke gives me tips like, “When the ball is low like that, bend your knees.” Jack says, “You can move into the square to get the ball.” They master the fine art of the “good try” butt swat.

Eventually, someone asks for a drink of water. I head up to kitchen, reviewing my performance as a pro-athlete would during half-time and vowing to do better upon my return to the game. Drinks in hand, I head to the court only to find that a hot and heavy game of keep-away has replaced the game of two-square. Luke looks at me solemnly, as if he drew the short straw. “It’s only a three person game. You’ll have to sit out.”

I feign disappointment and grab my book.


Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Awww. Don't you just Love, er, I mean Hate it when you can't participate in the chaos.

Loth said...

Huh. I'd never even heard of four square. Not sure if that's because we don't have it over here or because I am sportily-challenged. Probably best if I don't know!

Kellan said...

What a great idea. This was such a cute post! I loved this, "I am sore and uncoordinated with slow reflexes" - and the very last line was so funny to me! I'm glad they are having so much fun - even if you are being a little left out - take care - Kellan

Unknown said...

Yeah. I was always picked last, too. I ended up being a band geek, and a good one at that. My hubby, though, was athletic and played basketball and baseball. Now he keeps trying to get me to be more athletic, or at least more active. He tried to teach me to play Frisbee. He got a much better workout than I did because he always had to run after the Frisbee.

I am getting better, though.

Damama T said...

OK - something weird happened so this may be a duplicate. If so, please feel free to delete it.

ROFL! My boys hated playing basketball with me because they had to chase the ball too much. Then after I ripped ligaments in my ankle by stepping 1/2 on the grass and 1/2 on they concrete, the started telling me I was too old and fragile to be playing "men's games" anymore. I was 35 (I typoed when I typed that the first time) at the time! LOL!

HI!! I'm so glad to be back! And I promise I'm going to do your music meme just as soon as I get caught up with everyone.