Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Hierarchy of Vitamins

As it turns out, vitamins in our house have a pecking order. I cannot be blamed for this one. This is all on the boys. So, to anyone that helped out with the boys while I was on my recent business trip, I hope you figured out the hierarchy of vitamins. I had planned to post this last week to offer some assistance but I was just too busy. If you were taking care of my boys, you were most likely too busy to read it anyway, so no harm done. Nevertheless, I'm posting it now for all the world (aka, my 7 to 10 readers) to see evidence of the mildly obsessive-compulsive gene that I've passed along to my children.

Apparently, the boys have come up with a vitamin hierarchy in which they have classified their vitamins. And they eat them in this order and only this order. As if the top of the order gives them some sort of imagined super power, and the bottom gives them gas.

John, always supportive of my blog, had the boys each go through the vitamin bottle and line out their favorites. Each vitamin waited patiently, hoping it wouldn’t be picked last for the team. Sorry Daphne. I guess she worries too much about her hair getting messed up in all the episodes. What boy wants that power?

Jack's Hierarchy

Luke's Hierarchy

Notice how Jack's colors are all mixed together, but Luke's colors are in order? I asked John about this. I assumed that they had grouped in order of favorite color or by taste and that's why I was confused as to why Jack sometimes had red first, sometimes orange and sometimes purple. John explained that each color stood for what part of you the vitamin was helping. For example, orange made you stronger, red made you smarter, and purple made you grow. So, Jack had a good mix of strength, smarts and growing. Luke clearly just wants to be strong enough to beat the snot out of everything without having to grow up to do it. When there were no oranges available, he chose smarts over growing big. Why doesn't he want to grow? Because if he gets big, he won't be able to fit into small spaces. Small spaces are perfect places from which to launch ambushes. Always the battle planner.


Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

We had(ve) Arthur vitamins. When it got down to DJ and the other girl (name escapes me and I don't want to google right now), they bypassed vitamins all together. They only wanted Arthur and Buster. No girls allowed in more ways than one in this household. I see your boys hold the same grudges. When they eat their Scooby Fruit snacks they do the same - Scooby goes first and Shaggy. Velma even usually falls after the Mystery Machine.

Anonymous said...

We just have dinosaurs and gummy bear vitamins. Pretty hard to tell what they are in the morning, I just toss them at the boys. ; )

Damama T said...

LOLOL. At least you can get them to take 'em! I thought about the same thing angie said. I can see them not wanting the girl ones AT ALL!

Glad you are back. I'm guessing everyone survived your absence? And the house? LOL! Can't wait for an update.

Mrs. G. said...

I have a friend whose daughter will only eat the PURPLE Flinstone vitamins.

At least your boys have worked out a reason based system.

Very cute post! I love boys.

Kellan said...

Now that is too funny - who would have known!

ANd ... Greg Brady - that too is funny!

Have a good evening Heather - see you soon. Kellan

Unknown said...

Good! He can be the protector of the home while Jack is just well-prepared for everything. :)