Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Paper Boy I Am Not

To see this post better, click on view under the slide show, which is only one slide. That should take you to the slideshare website. You can then click on the "Full" icon to see the slide full-sized. This is a nifty way to put presentations on your blog.


Karla and Ben said...

LMAO. Glad to see someone else throws as poorly as I do. Did you find Orange Skin?

Unknown said...

LOL!!! My sister had a route as a kid but it was never for me!!


Loth said...

No wonder you missed - you must have been distracted by that GIANT DRAGONFLY!!!! (Which is cool, by the way!)

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Nice. You say you LET your boys win at sports.

Anonymous said...


You blog is getting better all thek time. I love reading it and being there with you with your three boys through this medium. I was a paper boy and loved throwing the paper where it would be difficult to retrieve.[for two of my customers who were difficult to collect from] Who could hold a little boy riding by on a bycycle responsible for throwing accuracy when his arm muscles were not yet fully developed!? I actually liked catching hell for something I could not be held responsible for. [HINT FROM FORMER PAPER BOY] Rewarding the paper boy with cash or cookies really helps his throwing accuracy.