Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Anything Can Be a Toy

Jack is a terribly slow eater. He is bored by the prospect of sitting and eating a meal without some toy or game for distraction. I’ve been trying to convince him that if he just hurried and ate he would be done and could get up from the table and play whatever game he wanted to. Sometimes, I’d rather poke jagged toothpicks in my eyes than have to get him to eat his breakfast in a timely fashion before school. The other morning I finally had my fill.

Me: Jack, I’m taking these toys away until you finish your breakfast. If you keep messing around you’ll be late for school.
Jack: But, but, but.
Me: I’m going into my room to get dressed and when I get back in here you better be finished eating.

I left the kitchen to get dressed. When I finished and headed back toward the kitchen, I heard the very distinct sound that a boy makes when pretending to shoot with a laser gun.

Me: What are you playing with? I thought I took all the toys away.
Jack: I’m playing with my vitamin.
Me: Your vitamin?
Jack: See. It's a gun.
Me: Jack, eat your vitamin.
Jack: I’m just trying to have a little fun.

This just goes to show that with boys anything can be a toy.


Maddy said...

One eats like a vacuum, one eats like a hamster if he eats at all, and the other one will still be eating the same slow pace forever!

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

Unknown said...

LOL He sounds like my son with regards to anything can be a toy. My son can make a cracker or a chip into just about any Star Wars action figure you can dream up. LOL

Oh and no, we don't eat the Gingerbread House after Christmas. I toss them. I am not sure the ones we make are good to eat. I did see a show on Food Network about ones that are $50 and edible. I'll stick with my $8 non-edible one. LOL

Have a great day!

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Heather, too funny. Dr. Dobson says this about boys in "bringing up boys." Your boys will make guns out of anything. It's not so bad to buy toy guns. They will make one out of their PB&J.

Gavin is ALWAYS last at the table. He usuallly finally eats when the rest of us leave and go do something fun. He has to be uncomfortable enough first. Brian is much better at following through on that than I am.

Unknown said...

He didn't even need his vitamin to play with, I'm sure! :)

Mrs. G. said...

I do love that little boys live in the moment...and if there is a vitamin in that moment, what the hell? So sweet.

Loth said...

Any thing can be a toy.
Any toy can be a gun.
Any discussion can be an argument
Any argument can be a wrestling match.
No vegetable can be food.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that pretty much sums up mealtimes at my house. Forks make great catapults too. You had me rolling with the laser gun sounds. That's constantly in the background around these parts.