Sunday, December 30, 2007

Thank you, Thank you very much

Andrea over at Mom to the Fey graciously awarded me with the following:

Thank you, Andrea, for your kind words about my blog and for sharing your life and insights. I enjoy reading your blog and following the lives of you, Tree Faerie and DTTF. This being my first award, I'm not sure what the protocol is, but I am going to pass it on to Angie at Keep Believing. And I'm not just doing that because Angie is one of my best friends. I look forward to reading her blog everyday for the laughs and inspiration I know that it will provide. She is outnumbered too, so I know that I will usually find something about her boys that I can totally relate to.


Loth said...

Congratulations - you deserve it. And thanks for linking to those blogs. There goes what was left of my spare time! ;-)

Kathy said...

Aww that is really sweet. Congratulations!

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Heather! THANK YOU! Maybe a little bit was because you are one of my best friends?