Friday, December 21, 2007

Weekly Articulations

"I really don't like this part of my life right now because grown ups keep bossing me around and I don't get to boss myself." Spoken by Jack at bedtime. He really did not want to go to sleep.

"My *enis is cold. Can I say that?" Spoken by Luke who is trying hard lately not to say things he's not supposed to. I'm sure that will change after Santa's visit.


Unknown said...

Do you actually manage to keep a straight face when they say such things? I don't think I could!

Anonymous said...

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Stacie said...

my son (age 8) has been trying really hard to see just how much he can get away with saying. must be the fear of no presents from Santa for naughty little boys subsides with age!

you must laugh a lot at the things your boys say!