Sunday, December 9, 2007

Daddy's Little Helpers

John: Who wants to get me a beer?
Luke: I do! I do!
Jack: Awww. I wanted to.
(Luke runs into the laundry room to get John a beer out of the refrigerator.)
Luke: Here you go daddy. And you need to know that there are only two left.
John: Thanks, buddy.

Not only do my boys wait on my husband, they give him an inventory. And I can't even get them to put their dirty clothes in the hamper.


Maddy said...

The power of 'his masters voice'!
BEst wishes

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

Unknown said...

Must be nice to be a Daddy... :)

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Too funny, Heather. This summer during the many times my family got together and therefore many different kinds of beers that were experienced, Grant learned how to open a bottle of beer with a bottle opener. It was a proud moment for Daddy. And, since we are pretty much beer snobs anymore, he would then ask what, if any, kind of fruit wedge you needed in it (Boulevard wheat takes a lemon, blue moon and sunset wheat take an orange, Corona takes a lime, etc)


WILLIAM said...

That is awesome. I may need to start trainging my kids.

Mrs. Fussy Fussypants said...

Coulda been my house!

Anonymous said...

Boys are just little men. Why do you think they are so darn cool? I remember the day my son got me a beer out of my playroom beer fridge. I believe I held back a tear, and instead just said WASSSUUUUUUPPP!