Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How to Get out of Daddy Trouble Part 1

While I’m traveling, Daddy will be the only one enforcing the rules and laying down the law. The other night, I was witness to just how easy it can be to turn the tide and get out of trouble with Daddy.

Jack was mad after losing a game of ConnectFour against the team of Luke and John. Jack threw a ConnectFour game piece at Luke, but it missed him.

Jack, after receiving The Look from John, as in, You Are About to Go Into Timeout: It was an accident, Dad.
John: No it wasn’t. You were mad because you lost and you were trying to hurt your brother.
Jack: No I wasn’t. It didn’t even hit him.
John: That's because you missed. No one throws perfectly every time.
Jack: What about Jim Edmonds?
John: You’re right. He throws perfectly every time. What a great ball player (picture John with a nostalgic look in his eyes.)

Way to go Jack. Timeout averted. I have a feeling there won’t be a lot of punishment happening while I’m away.


Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Kids SOOO know how to play the cards right, don't they?

Unknown said...

Kids can be pretty dang smart huh?


Karla and Ben said...

That was so funny! How often does Jack outsmart John?

Unknown said...

LOL! At least John made an effort. :)

Damama T said...

LOLOLOL! The cool thing is that even in the distraction, Jack got a very valuable message from John. It's not always the punishment that counts. More often it's the lesson behind it, And that if sticks, everybody wins! Sometimes, delivering it with a bit of humor or along with something else that strikes home tends to make a bigger impression than a timeout. I give John 3 gold stars for Daddying. And I give Heather 5 gold stars for not stepping in and enforcing a timeout thus undermining John's work. WAY TO GO MOM AND DAD!

Kathy said...

Sounds like something Adam would do! LOL


Anonymous said...

The fact that is getting lost here is that Jim Edmonds really could throw a rope from the fence to the plate.

Amazing how our kids know how to push our buttons...when my son and I are "battling" he asks me if there is a game on we can sit and watch together. He usually falls asleep in my arms and I carry him up to bed!

Anonymous said...

While you were on your business trip last week, Grandma Sue learned something about the boys habits at meal time. She had carefully laid out their nutricious/balanced dinner including a small portion of sliced apples for their fruit of the day. Before their plates were clean, the boys announced they were finished and wanted to leave the table. Grandma Sue informed them that they would need to eat the sliced apples before they left the table. The response of Luke was: "Grandma Sue we like it when you come to take care of us but we don't like your table rules!" Grandma Sue melted and did not try to enforce her unpopular table rule. Granparents are supposed to spoil their grandchildren not dicipline them, right?